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Design yours now in 3D

  • Waterproof fabric - bonded 3 layer construction
  • No zips, no pockets, no broken fingers!
  • Bonded soft shell with half rib collar
  • Eight designs in 9 colours
  • Full contact training with soft shell.

Product Information

Made from a bonded 3 layer soft shell fabric our smock is perfect for full contact training. Includes 1x club embroidery & back print.

Junior £28.95 Adult £32.95+VAT

Stash Smock Tops - soft shell

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At Stash, we are not interested in being just another sportswear brand. Our belief that we are the best, and that we produce the best sportswear ranges, drives us on, keeps us reinventing our products and ensures that ours is the name that others follow.

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